Privacy Policy for the SunMaster APP This privacy statement explains how the app's provider handles personal information about the users. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, you should not install and not use it. Provider of the app: NORSK SOLIMPORT AS Grimstadhøgda NO-6674 Kvisvik Organization number: NO 983 428 401 MVA Further information on the offerer can be found on the website of the provider www.norsk- Collection of personal data: This app helps users of tanningstudios in Norway, as far as they use the current studio software SunMaster, with the registration with BankIDund to the simple log in the tanningstudio. Registration: Registration with an age test (over 18) is only possible in Norway at the moment as long as the users have a valid bank ID. On our server, the name, first name, date of birth, mobile number, e-mail and a transaction code of BankID are stored. Easy login: Once registered, the SunMaster-APP must be verified with a 4 digit code. Subsequently, the APP creates a QR code which contains the encrypted data and can be read by the scanner at the SunMaster terminal. Now the app works as an offline app, which means it can be used without connection to the Internet. The QR code is now also available in offline mode.